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Ultrasonic motors by type

Ultrasonic motors for magnetic field environments

Ultrasonic motors (piezosonic motors) are quiet, high-torque motors that use piezoelectric ceramics, which expand and contract when voltage is applied, as their drive source. Unlike typical motors that use electromagnetic force, they do not use coils or magnets, but operate using frictional force, making them small and lightweight, yet capable of use in magnetic fields and without backlash. Taking advantage of these characteristics, they are ideal as direct drive motors for positioning stages, belt conveyors, angle indexers, robot arms, and other posture control devices, as well as motors for MRI and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Ultrasonic motor lineup

Small single shaft ultrasonic motor
Single-axis ultrasonic motor

​Single-shaft motor PSM60N-A

​Small single shaft motor PSM40N-A


This is a special motor that is not affected by magnetic fields even in high magnetic field environments such as 3 [T], and does not emit magnetic fields during operation, so it does not affect external equipment. Ideal as a motor for operating drug injectors and auxiliary equipment in MRI, and as a motor for precision objection determination equipment such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


Inside the ultrasonic motor

Sensorless model

An ultrasonic motor that can be combined with a sensor provided by the customer. By changing or additionally machining the shaft, you can use any sensor such as a limit switch, potentiometer, or absolute encoder. There are single shaft type A type and double shaft type B type.

Small double-shaft ultrasonic motor
double shaft ultrasonic motor

​Single shaft motor PSM60N-A

​Small single shaft motor PSM40N-B

Ultrasonic motor equipped with an optical encoder that outputs Z (I) phase in addition to A and B phases. Position control and speed control are possible using an encoder. You can choose between 500[p/r], 1,000[p/r], and 2,000[p/r] models according to your application.

Control Model

Ultrasonic motor with encoder
Ultrasonic motor with encoder
Ultrasonic motor with encoder

500p/r motor with encoder

1,000p/r motor with encoder

2,000p/r motor with encoder

Small ultrasonic motor with encoder
Small ultrasonic motor with encoder
Small ultrasonic motor with encoder

With encoder 500p/r

Small motor

500p/r with encoder

small motor

With encoder 500p/r

small motor

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