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We publish frequently asked questions and answers from our customers. In addition to product specifications and details, we also provide information on how to use the product. Please refer to it before contacting us.



At Piezo Sonic, we are developing applied products that combine motors and robotics.

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Regarding troubles and malfunctions

Q.When using the driver, the overload lamp lights up and the motor does not rotate. A. There is a possibility that the safety device was activated due to overcurrent. Please turn off the power and leave it for a while, then turn on the power again. If the power LED still does not light up, there is a possibility that the driver is malfunctioning.

Q.The power LED does not light up even when the power is turned on. A. There is a possibility that the safety device was activated due to overcurrent. Please turn off the power and leave it for a while. Please turn on the power again. If the power LED still does not light up, there is a possibility that the driver is malfunctioning.

Q.The rotation speed is not stable. A. When using PSMD-BAC, there is no external signal input to stabilize the speed, so the motor speed may change gradually, but this is due to the specifications and is not a malfunction. Please use the speed stabilization function by changing the speed specification voltage or by inputting the encoder signal to PSMD-SPC or PSMD-PCC.

Q. After purchasing, I modified the motor shaft and the rotation became unstable. A. Our ultrasonic motors are precision products. If you modify the shaft after shipping or apply a large force in the axial direction of the shaft, the assembly balance of the motor may be lost. Depending on the situation, it may become impossible to repair, so please refrain from performing additional modifications to the motor shaft yourself.

Q.The motor does not rotate. A. Possible causes include overload on the motor, insufficient current in the power supply, poor contact between the power supply, control signals, and encoder signals, poor matching between the motor and driver (such as when readjusted by the customer), motor failure, and driver failure. Masu. Please contact us directly as the response method will vary depending on the situation.

Regarding usage environment and product characteristics

Q.Are there any special precautions to take regarding the usage or storage environment? A.Since ultrasonic motors use friction to rotate, it is necessary to avoid any significant changes in the friction state. For example, please refrain from using the motor underwater, in high humidity or high temperature environments (humidity: 60% or more, temperature: 65°C or more).

Q. How is the endurance time calculated? A. We consider the life of a motor to be the time when the maximum torque drops to 60% of the original shipment characteristics. Therefore, if the customer's operating conditions are calculated at less than the rated torque (50% of the maximum torque), It is possible to achieve an operating time of the equipment that exceeds our guaranteed time.

Q. Can they be used in a vacuum? A. Our ultrasonic motors can work in a vacuum. However, friction conditions in a vacuum environment may worsen, shortening their lifespan. Because this is different from use in a general environment, we do not guarantee their operation.

Q. What is the difference between ultrasonic motors and DC motors? A. Compared to DC motors with the same torque, ultrasonic motors are 1/5 to 1/10 times smaller. They are also lighter in weight. Ultrasonic motors are also very quiet when in operation. Another major feature of ultrasonic motors is that they can maintain their posture and angle with zero power even when not energized or in an uncontrolled state due to their holding force.

Q.Is it waterproof? A.The motor and driver are not waterproof. If the customer waterproofs the entire device, Please be careful about humidity and make sure it is waterproof.

Q.What are the features (benefits) of ultrasonic motors? A. Ultrasonic motors are small, high-torque, quiet, and non-magnetic motors that can be used in magnetic field environments. By replacing the existing motor with an ultrasonic motor, it is possible to downsize the entire device and reduce power consumption. In addition, it can be used with confidence in products that do not like the generation of magnetic fields, such as MRI, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and elemental analyzers.

Q. Can it withstand heat? A. To avoid shortening the motor's lifespan, please keep the temperature of the operating environment below 65°C.

Q. What are the disadvantages of ultrasonic motors? A. Our ultrasonic motors have a longer lifespan than conventional ultrasonic motors, but ultrasonic motors generally do not have an advantage in terms of lifespan compared to DC motors or stepping motors.

Q.How many meters of cable are available? A. The standard cable length is 3m. Compatible with motor cables up to 30m (limited to our genuine products).

Q.When installing the motor to equipment, is there a recommended tightening torque value for the four M4 screws? A. Please adjust the tightening torque of the M4 screw that secures the motor to the device to 1.5 to 2Nm (2.5Nm when installing between the gasket or O-ring motor and the device).

Q.Is there no problem if force is applied in the axial/radial direction of the motor shaft? A. If force is applied to the motor shaft in the axial direction, the pressure inside the motor may change. Therefore, please design so that the load in the axial direction is supported by a bearing on the device side. If a large force is applied in the radial (perpendicular to the axis) direction, the motor shaft may become deformed and the motor may not rotate properly. Therefore, please design the device so that the load in the radial direction is supported by the bearing on the device side.

Q.It seems that some products have slightly different external colors of motors and drivers depending on when they were purchased. A.The appearance, color, and texture of the product may vary due to slight differences in the materials and dyeing materials used during manufacturing. Since we measure the characteristics at the time of shipment, there is no difference in product warranty.

​About purchasing

Q. I want to know the price. A. Our products have an open price. If you purchase online, please check the product price on the Yahoo! Shopping site or our official online store. Please contact our affiliated trading companies or our direct sales prices.

Q.Where can I buy the products? A. There are three ways to purchase our products. 1. Purchases from our affiliated trading companies 2. Online purchase on the WEB (official online store, Yahoo! Shopping) 3. If you would like to contact us directly and receive a purchase quantity discount, please contact our affiliated trading company or our company.

Q.Can I get a quote? A. Please let us know the product and quantity you need using the inquiry form. We will submit a quotation via email.

Q.I would like to know how to order products. A.The ordering method differs depending on the purchase method. If purchasing online, please enter the required quantity from the official online store or Yahoo! Order from the shopping site Please. Once we have confirmed the information, we will respond with a delivery date. If you are purchasing from our affiliated trading company or directly from us, please request a quote. If you would like to make a request directly to us, please use the inquiry form. We will respond to you once we have verified the information.

Q.What payment methods can I choose? A. When purchasing from the WEB, the customer must purchase from the official online store or Yahoo! Registered on a shopping site Please select your payment method. If you purchase from our affiliated trading company, please check the payment terms and conditions. Please check with your trading company. If you make a request directly to us, please pay by bank transfer or cash on delivery via courier (300,000 yen including tax) You can choose up to JPY.

Q.Is it possible to pay by card? A. Official online store or Yahoo! When purchasing from a shopping site, you can pay by card.

Q. Are there any restrictions or precautions for COD? A. There is a limit of 300,000 yen, including tax, for the amount of payment. Therefore, we are unable to accept payment for merchandise that exceeds 300,000 yen including tax.

Q. Is there a shipping charge? A. If the product price is less than 50,000 yen including tax, 1,080 yen including tax is required for shipping and packaging.

Q.Can you issue a receipt? A. Receipt issuance depends on the method of purchase. If you purchased from the official online store or Yahoo! Shopping site, you can issue a receipt from the Purchase History page. If you purchase from our affiliated trading company, please contact our affiliated trading company to issue a receipt. If you purchase directly from us, we will issue a receipt at the time of purchase.

Q. Is it possible to pay school fees at schools (closing at the end of the month, paying at the end of the following month, etc.)? A.We accept payment of school fees. Please contact us directly.

Q.Is it possible to make special orders? A.We can accommodate changes in shaft length and diameter starting from just one piece. We can also produce fully custom products. Please contact us regarding specifications using the inquiry form.

Q.Can you handle bulk orders? A. We will respond flexibly at our partner factories.

Q.Can I order from 1 piece? A. All of our products can be purchased starting from 1 piece.

Q. Which driver should I choose? A. If you want analog control of the motor using a microcontroller, PLC, external resistors, etc., we recommend the PSMD-SPC. If you want digital control of the motor via USB connection or SPI communication from a PC, microcontroller, or PLC, we recommend the PSMD-PCC.

Q.Can I request a demonstration of the motor? A.Please contact our affiliated trading company or our company directly.

About re-adjusting the motor and driver

Q. Is there any equipment I need to prepare to use an ultrasonic motor? A. Please prepare a power supply or current meter that can measure the current consumption of the driver and a tachometer that can measure the motor's rotation speed. If you use an oscilloscope, you can measure the oscillation frequency and oscillation voltage from the driver, and you will be able to adjust the driver correctly.

Q.The minimum rotation speed has become higher than before. A. Adjust the minimum rotation speed by rotating VR1 of the driver counterclockwise little by little. Operation below the rotation speed stated in the specifications is not guaranteed.

Q. The maximum RPM has become lower than before. A. Turn the driver's VR2 clockwise little by little to adjust the maximum RPM. Operation at RPMs above those specified in the specifications is outside the range of guaranteed operation.

Q.I want to change or extend the cable between the motor and driver. A.Please contact our affiliated trading company or our company directly at the time of purchase. If after purchase, the motor and You will need to adjust the driver matching again.

Q.What should I do if I want to control the motor speed? A.Our drivers: PSMD-SPC and PSMD-PCC are equipped with a speed stabilization function (speed control function) that uses encoder signals. When controlling the speed using an external control device, turn off all SW1 of the driver and cancel the speed stabilization function of the driver.

Q.What should I do if I want to control the motor position? A.Our drivers: PSMD-SPC and PSMD-PCC do not have a position control function. When performing position control, connect the encoder through output output from CN2 to an external control device and use it.

Q.Can I combine motors and drivers with different serial numbers? A.PSMD-SPC and PSMD-PCC can be used because the settings can be changed according to the presence or absence of an encoder and the resolution by changing the switch. However, if you are using a motor without an encoder (***- A/B), the driver's speed stabilization function cannot be used. When combining motors and drivers with different serial numbers, we recommend adjusting the minimum and maximum speeds.

Q.Do you have a command list for USB/SPI communication? A.We have a command list. Please contact us directly.

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​Telephone inquiries


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