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Ultrasonic motors by type

Peripherals and Applied Equipment

Ultrasonic motors (piezosonic motors) are quiet, high-torque motors that use piezoelectric ceramics, which expand and contract when voltage is applied, as their drive source. Unlike typical motors that use electromagnetic force, they do not use coils or magnets, but operate using frictional force, making them small and lightweight, yet capable of use in magnetic fields and without backlash. Taking advantage of these characteristics, they are ideal as direct drive motors for positioning stages, belt conveyors, angle indexers, robot arms, and other posture control devices, as well as motors for MRI and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Autonomous mobile robot for transportation: Mighty
active supporter
precision stage

Autonomous mobile robot for transportation

Active Supporter

Precision Stage

Mighty is a robot enabling non-face-to-face, non-contact logistics like automatic transportation, multi-cooperation, and follow-up driving. It reduces logistics personnel not only in distribution warehouses but also in places like shopping malls and hospitals.

Uses a piezosonic motor to support elbow movements such as when shopping or carrying luggage. It is thin and operates quietly, so you can hide it by wearing a jacket. Since it can be operated using a bending sensor, it can also be applied to ankles, etc.

Using a piezosonic motor, the position and orientation can be maintained with zero electricity.
This conveyor device delivers more than five times the torque of an electromagnetic motor of the same size and does not require gears or clutches, allowing precise positioning without backlash. Modification to multi-axis stages such as 2-axis is also possible.

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