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Participation in the “Factory Apartment Tour”

A "Factory Apartment Tour" for overseas visitors was held in the factory apartment where our company is located, sponsored by JTB Communication Design and EY Strategy and Consulting. The "Factory Apartment Tour" is scheduled to be held four times in total, in which our company participated twice, on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, and on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

On the 17th, about 15 customers from Indonesia participated.

When you enter the multi-purpose room of Techno FRONT Morigasaki, which served as the event venue, you will find a beautiful venue made up entirely of women. Since the atmosphere was very different from the usual exhibitions and business meetings, Tada was a little confused when the company introduction began.

Once the event began, my initial concerns were allayed and I was able to ask questions with the help of an interpreter, and the company presentation ended well over the scheduled time. Afterwards, when everyone toured the building, they also stopped by our company and were able to see the actual AMR:Mighty machine, albeit at the entrance.

Techno FRONT Morigasaki Multipurpose Room 1st Floor 17th Floor

On the 30th, two customers from China and Malaysia participated.

Even though there were fewer participants than last time, we were able to explain the engine in a way that allowed people to get their hands on the engine themselves.

We were able to explain the engine design in great detail by operating a demo machine and seeing the internal design of the engine during actual rotation. We also exchanged business cards, so I hope we can connect in the future.

Techno FRONT Morigasaki Multipurpose Room 1st Floor 30th Floor

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