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Interview with the Innovation Ecosystem Research Group at Tama University

The Innovation Ecosystem Study Group is a survey and research group founded in January 2023 by Professor Mitsuhiko Niwata, Associate Professor Miho Nosaka, and two other researchers from the Faculty of Management and Information Studies at Tama University.

As small and medium-sized businesses in Ota Ward have changed significantly over the past 20 years, our representative conducted an interview with the aim of clarifying how design-oriented entrepreneurs develop their businesses.

He has wonderfully summarized the story from the time before Piezo Sonic was founded until today.

I hope you will read it.

Click here for the article featuring our company in the Innovation Ecosystem Study Group activity launch.

Many thanks to Professor Mitsuhiko Niwata and Associate Professor Miho Nosaka of the Faculty of Management and Information Studies, Tama University, for their wonderful introductory articles. We look forward to your continued support of our activities and products.


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