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Information about the “Piezo Sonic Product Development Premium Support Service”

We are introducing a “Product Development Premium Support Service”, which is a classification of our traditional “Consulting Development Service” based on the content of the support rather than the size of the company.

Product Development Premium Support Service is a priority support service for customers who want to accelerate the development of products that use other motors, including ultrasonic motors, and AMR's transportation applications.

It can also be used as a design consulting and development support service for companies that want to develop new products, for manufacturers that lack hardware design resources, and for software development companies.

We not only offer design support and advice via email and online meetings, but also face-to-face meetings for a smooth exchange of information.

Examples of support content:

・Consultancy related to circuit design, mechanism design and system development using microcomputers, etc.

・Consulting related to software development with hardware such as microcontrollers, sensors, ROS, etc.

・Advice on the implementation of the customer's design plans and ideas

・Support in obtaining funding and advice on product development

・Appropriate response to customer problems and questions

Depending on the content, we will create a separate offer for design and manufacturing services.

If you are considering developing new products including hardware, please contact us.

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Piezo Sonic Co., Ltd.

Techno FRONT Morigasaki 507, 4-6-15 Omori Minami, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0013

TEL: 03-6379-6020 Email:


*The content of this document corresponds to the status at the time of publication. Please note that the information may differ from the current information.

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