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Announcement of the exhibition at the “2024 Society for Precision Engineering Spring Conference Academic Lecture Exhibition”

In September last year, Mighty-D3-2, an autonomous mobile transportation robot developed by our company, received the Manufacturing Award “Best Award” from the Japan Society for Precision Engineering.

Due to this relationship, we will exhibit Mighty-D3-2 in the exhibition at the academic lecture in the memorable year marking the 90th anniversary of our founding. In addition, our representative Tada will deliver a lecture at the enterprise technology introduction event at the “New Technology Lecture – A Gathering for Industry-Academia/Industry-Industry Collaboration” on March 14 (Thursday).

[Summary of the attached exhibition]

◆Date and time: March 12 (Tuesday) to March 14 (Thursday) 2024

12. (Tuesday) 10:00–17:00

13. (Wednesday) 9:00–17:00

14. (Thursday) 9:00–14:00

◆Venue: University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus, Faculty of Engineering, Building 3, 3F/4F (*Our booth is on the 4th floor)

[Overview of the lecture on new technologies]

◆Date and time: March 14, 2024 (Thursday) 9:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m. (planned)

◆Venue: University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus, Faculty of Engineering Building 2, Room 221 (tentative)

◆Content: “Lecture on new technologies – Meeting for cooperation between industry and science/industry and industry”

Part 1: Introductory session on enterprise technology

Part 2: Introductory session on cutting-edge companies/technologies

* Information on “New Technology Lecture – Meeting for Industry-Academy/Industry-Industry Cooperation”

*Society of Precision Engineering HP Academic Conference:

If you are interested in our business or our products or have read this article, we look forward to meeting you.



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