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Piezo Sonic の製品

Even in a magnetic field environment

High torque, high responsiveness, high controllability

Motor for stable movement

​Piezo Sonic Motor

-High torque ultrasonic motor


​Such concernsIs there?

The problemOurPiezosonic motorbut
We will solve it! !

I want a motor that maintains its posture even when no power is applied.

using a motor,Works even in magnetic field environmentsI want to make a product

​I want a small, lightweight, high torque motor


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What is a piezosonic motor?

Rotational energy is generated without using coils or magnets, but by applying voltage.

It uses piezoelectric ceramic that deforms when applied.

The amount of deformation of the piezoelectric ceramic is amplified by a metal part called the stator, and by controlling that deformation, rotational motion is created on the stator surface.

This rotational motion causes a frictional force on the rotor pressing against the stator.

This causes the rotor to rotate. The shaft is fixed to this rotor and transmits the motor's torque and rotation to the outside.

Since this frictional force is constantly generated, even when the power is not energized or controlled,

It can maintain its position (high holding force), and since no gears are used in the parts, direct drive without backlash can be achieved.

並べた 超音波モータ

Our products: PSM60N-B, PSM60N-ET

​<Explanatory video>

​Features of piezosonic motors

Point 1 High torque/quiet
Point 2 High holding power when no current is applied
Point 3: Compact, lightweight, and thin
Point 4 Can be used even in magnetic field environments
Point 5 Successfully extended lifespan

Point 01

High torque/quiet

The piezosonic motor has a high torque of 1.2N/m and is quieter than other companies' motors and ultrasonic motors.


​Motor torque-speed characteristics

​ Number of revolutions



dc motor

stepper motor

piezo sonic motor

The piezosonic motor has a high torque of 1.2N/m and operates quietly compared to other companies' motors and ultrasonic motors.

Point 02

​High holding power when no current is applied

Piezosonic motors generate frictional force all the time, so they can maintain their position even when not energized or controlled (high holding force), and since they do not use gears in their parts, they are quiet.

Direct drive without backlash can be achieved.


Piezo Sonic Motor

Maintains posture even when power is off

Not a piezosonic motor,

If you use other motors, the posture cannot be maintained​ when the power is off

Point 03

​Small, lightweight, thin



500ml plastic bottle
half the weight

It weighs approximately 250g, which is half the weight of a 500ml plastic bottle, making it lightweight.


The size is



​Without shaft
Height 2.6cmThin

​It is a thin and lightweight ultrasonic motor with a height of 2.6 cm without the shaft.

Point 04

​Can also be used in magnetic field environment

Piezosonic motors do not use coils or magnets to generate rotational energy, making them suitable for use in magnetic field environments or zero gravity.

It's the perfect motor.


Can be used in magnetic environments such as medical equipment MRI

Point 05

Successfully extended life


Rated Torque

Maximum torque

​Rotation speed range




Performance ratio with conventional products

​ *Calculated based on the same size of other companies as 100

Conventional ultrasonic motors suffer from heavy wear.

The drawback was that it had a short lifespan.

However, by reviewing the structure and materials used, the piezosonic motor has achieved a lifespan of 6,000 hours with intermittent operation, making it possible to replace a stepping motor.

ピエゾソニック モータとは

​The above five pointsFields where piezosonic motors can be used


Piezosonic motors have light rotating parts and low inertia, so when the drive signal stops, they instantly come to a standstill due to frictional force. This enables precise positioning, making it useful in research institutions.

It maintains its posture even when the power is off, and there is no need to worry about dangerous movements in the event of a sudden power outage or disaster, making it safe and secure. Can be used even in magnetic field environments. Highly controllable and active in the medical field.

​Since it can maintain its posture even when power is off, it is safe and secure without the worry of dangerous movements in the event of a sudden power outage or disaster. It is useful for equipment used in factories.

​Piezosonic motors are very quiet and maintain their posture even when not energized, making them highly safe, making them useful in new products that support and assist in daily life.

What is a piezosonic motor?

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Piezo Sonic の製品製品

​For those who are concerned about product development


Piezosonics demands high precision

Taking advantage of our motor design capabilities and IoT technology cultivated through the development of autonomous mobile robots, Piezo Sonic works with our customers to come up with a concrete image of the product based on their image of what they want to make, and then we can prototype and mass-produce the product. We will cooperate with you.


​We can also assist with conceptual design and concept design with end users in mind.

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